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beyond the massive death toll the european commission estimates 250,000 people in haiti are injured on top of 200,000 that died. another 1.5 million are without homes now. as military leaders try to get supplies to the people, rescue crews still finding survivors. the odds are getting smaller but what if you're trapped in a supermarket or where there's water or food. maybe you did survive. some have. one group of rescue efforts got up on trying to find a person believed to be buried in this pile. a woman hugged the rescue workers and said thank you for trying. steve harrigan is at a distribution site, first, jonathan is live in a heavily damaged town where marines are setting up operations. we've been watching. how is it progressing?
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>> reporter: well, shep, i'm in the town of layogone, cut off from port-au-prince. when the highway was damaged, this town known as a commercial center in haiti. i'm in a rural pasture which the marines, with the 22nd marine expedition unit out of camp lejeune converted into a helicopter landing pad and secured the area, there is a large crowd of onlookers. a peaceful but curious crowd. so whenever a helicopter comes in, they motion the crowd back, the crowd obeys. after the helicopter takes off and delivers supplies, the crowds come back. the marines have translators to speak french, creole, portuguese and they're explaining the dangers of the helicopters, the debris they kick up in the air and the importance of staying away from the blades.
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by in large the crowd seems to be following their advice. the supplies they bring, water and other humanitarian supplies, they're taking to a u.n. holding area, a distribution site, for u.n. workers to bring to other parts of this earthquake ravaged island nation. >> shepard: despite the destruction and death around them, most of the survivors in haiti have stayed about as calm and peaceful as the observers could imagine in that environment. in fact some managed to put together some amount of order as they wait for aid from outside the country. steve harrigan found a place that's happening, a tent city on a golf course on the outskirts of the capital of port where troops are handing out food and water. update us, if you would. >> reporter: it sounds like an easy problem. you've got water here and food here and hungry and thirsty
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people there. but to get that water and food 50 yards to the people who need it, to do it orderly, calmly, is no easy feat. >> this is a tough part here, deciding who goes into to get the food. there's a little bit of pushing. here haitians are deciding. the u.s. army is keeping order but haitian volunteers decide who comes and goes. they're trying to especially give way to women and small children, as you can see behind me, as they make their way up the mountain. this used to be a golf course, this was a par 5. what they're getting are not meals ready to eat. they're single-day units. this is what is inside. 2,000 calories, enough for one person for a day. pasta with tomato sauce,
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strawberries pastries. peanut butter and rice. the basic meal is pasta and rice, better than an mre for the soldiers. this is supposed to keep you going one full day and each family gets one of these. we've seen a number of different systems used to keep the order. at one time they were plucking people from different parts in the line. another point they allowed just women to come forward. another point they gave out tickets but the crowds surged forward. this is a mass timeout where the military tells everyone to sit down until the crowd quiets. >> we've been seeing reports from inside port-au-prince that a number of people in the city moved out into the countryside in many cases because they feel safer there and may be able to be attended too better. are some of those around you now ones who my grated from the
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city? shepard there has been a massive migration outside the city. we've seen thousands, especially in the early mornings, carrying everything they have, walking out of the city. with the city shattered they think there's better hope with friends and family to get food and shelter. this is still the heart of port-au-prince behind me, a massive tent city, about 5,000 families. the golf course taken over like most open spaces? the city. >> shepard: what are you observed in the way of progress? is it your sense they turned a corner a lot to go, or how would you quantify it? >> reporter: the corner is far, far away but they're taking steps. a few encouraging things, haitians are picking out the people allowed to come forward and have food and water. the other is the military presence. soldier from the 82nd airborne have camel backs on, no visible
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weapons or armor. the worst we've seen is air horns blown when the crowd is unruly and a few soldiers run up who are armed. it's an orderly, careful process and they keep trying to evolve to meet the needs. one worker for catholic relief says its ugly but working. >> shepard: if you would like to learn more about how to help, checks out haiti. there you'll find a list the vet the charities as well as the news and updates from the people on the island. it's all for you at >> we're following the big political news at home. an election democrats and republicans are calling crucial. the race to fill the senate seat vacated by senator kennedy.
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jim bob: g'night daddy. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >> shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters. democrat martha coakley and republican scott brown are battling with the senate seat vacated upon the death of senator ted kennedy. polls indicate in the -- coakley had the lead for months but it's up in the air with the republican in the lead. folks in the bay state have been hitting the ballot boxes and turnout has been extraordinary according to locals. this is no ordinary senate seat a win by republican brown means democrats would lose the 60-seat so called super majority. the senate race, one of many across the country. and quite a few considered a to sayup. the blue shows states with
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democrats fighting to hold on. the red, states with republicans in the same position. we have team fox coverage as massachusetts decides 2010. eric sean shawn with more on the two candidates. first, karl in boston. hello. >> reporter: there haven't been a lot of special elections in massachusetts, particularly one with such short notice. there isn't a great deal of historical perspective but there could be a 40% turnout. there's 4.1 million in the state. the weather, it's been sleeting and snowing all day but this is massachusetts so not likely to have an oppressive or repressive affect on the turnout. and big turnout numbers probably bode well for republicans. normally a big turnout means a change and voters are looking to reverse course or bring in somebody new. this is a state of democrats, so
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change means a republican. the bigger the turnout, the better for scott brown. he voted for himself this morning, said he's not paying attention to the polls. he's been up and he has been the last couple of days up in them across the board. he has been down. about a month ago he was down 30 points and people weren't caring about the race. there was no rhetoric or reporting on boasting on republican lips that there could be an end to the filibuster proof majority. martha coakley was supposed to win. we went to quincy, massachusetts where you have a lot of democrats and republicans and talked to some of the voters. people who were voting for martha coakley have acknowledged she didn't hustle and they were upset. there was a sense of democratic entitlement and whoever won the primary to fill the seat would get t scott brown capitalized on
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that swells the healthcare agenda in washington. it really is anybody's guess to the top in the coakley campaign and brown campaign. both sides have reason for confidence and bite their nails every second we wait. >> shepard: ed kennedy machine has been talked about for as long as i've been alive. is that machine oiled and ready to go or is it sputtering? >> first of all, the passing of ted kennedy for many closed the chapter on camelot and the era of the kennedys in massachusetts. there are a lot of democrats that think it's over. the argument being for decades the kennedys had a hammer lock on power in massachusetts and a lot of ambitious, talented people had to wait. now that the kennedys -- ted kennedy is gone, the machine is still there, the same folks that
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helped hillary clinton beat barack obama, they're working for coakley. if they reverse the tide, it would be a stunning comeback from ahead win for coakley and historic if the seat goes republican. this seat has been in the kennedy hands since the 1950s. >> hard to imagine the weather is nasty in new england this time of we're. i wonder what you think this rainy day does to turnout. >> probably not a lot. these are new englanders. the roads are clean, the snow has melted by the rain. if the roads get bad and we get freezing before rush hour that could hurt the turnout of a work but the lunch and morning rushes was brisk, steady and in some cases heavy. >> shepard: karl, thank you. for more information about the two candidates running for the massachusetts senate seat, eric
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shawn is live with a profile. >> there they may be running against each other but martha coakley and scott brown have things in common. both born and raised in massachusetts, both attended college and law school in boston. brown's publicity came in 1982, he was 22, college student at tufts, posing seminude in cosmo. they voted him america's sexiest man. coakley who went to williams gained prominence in 1987 when she was the prosecutor in the british nanny trial of louise woodward. she was convicted in the shaking death of the 8-month-old. the trial was covered by the national media, including fox news. she started her career in 1986 and became head of the child sex unit. the nanny trial helped electricity her d.a. in '97 and
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in 2006, voters made her the state's attorney general. she reads, skis, walks her labs and her husband is a retired police officer. brown first ran for office in 1992. went to the statehouse of representatives, moved to the state senate in 2004. he's a lieutenant colonel in the army national guard. his wife, gail huff, is a boston television reporter. she's hosting a parenting show on lifetime cable network. they have two college-aged daughters. one, à la, was a final list on fox's american idol. by the way, he likes to relax by swimming and participating in triathlons and soon, america will know more about the one who wins. back to you. >> shepard: it would appear. eric shawn in new york. thank you. fox news will have continuing coverage of the massachusetts race. polls close at 8:00 tonight eastern time and we'll follow every twist and turn here on the "fox news channel."
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new developments on the story we brought you yesterday, the homeland security and state department temporarily allowing orphans from haiti to enter the u.s. for care on case-by-case basis. we spoke to one couple who adopted children and today dozens more arrived in the united states. the latest from jonathan hunt and the assistant secretary of state joins us live in 2 1/2 minutes. ún
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>> shepard: more from haiti and a update on a story we've been following, a orphanage with over 100 children, some waiting for adopt active parents in the united states are hungry and dehydrated. jonathan hunt has been reporting from the orphanage in port-au-prince and is live with the latest. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: shep, we got word about two hours ago there may be looters targeting this orphanage, the house of the children of god we reported from extensively over the last couple days. we rushed down to see if that was true. i'm happy to report it's not. the 135 babies and children here are all safe. for now. they still have know protection. there are still no haitian cops
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stationed outside this orphanage. in fact there are very few cops on the streets of port-au-prince at all, another sign of the almost total collapse of the haitian government. all three branches of the government literally and figuratively reduced to rubble. this is the palace of justice completely, utterly destroyed when the quake hit just before 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. we can assume that there were many, many people working in this huge building. very few of them, from the look of this rubble, could have possibly got out. now, the smell of death hangs heavy in the air over this, the remains of the palace of justice. and this is the legislative barrage, the parliament building. once again it's reduced to nothing more than rubble. and there's no accounting yet for exactly how many members of the haitian parliament did not make of out of that building alive.
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this is the executive branch, the presidential palace. it once was a symbol of the little stability that haiti has ever had. now, as you can see, it is little more than a pile of rubble. a symbol once again of the collapse of the haitian government. shep, to update our viewers who have expressed care and indeed outraged over the fate of these children here, we can tell you that they have now got more supplies in here, including that critical baby formula for the 26 babies we showed you yesterday who were living in the back of a truck. we also understand governor rick perry of texas, the state where the organization that runs this orphanage is based is lobbying the state department to get these children out. the state at the present time appears to be moving and there are some indications that they may be ready to get all of these children out and back to the
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united states. there are huge lodge stickle issues but everything is moving in the direction of saving these 135 children. >> shepard: hard to argue with that. jonathan, thanks a lot. we've been in contact with the state department, which has been helpful in making special allowances. pj crowley is assistant secretary of the bureau of public affairs with the state department. i read they began -- in conjunction with the department of homeland security they began to allow orphans on a case by case case-by-case basis in need to come to the united states. how did that come about? >> we've been working with the department of homeland security. where you have a process where, for the most part, families have moved successfully through the process, we've gotten agreement
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from the haitian government for an intercountry adoption to take place. we're able to give those children visas and roughly 29 in that category have come to the united states? other cases you have children who are somewhere in the pro sis sis and may be in need of medical care. thee grant the humanitarian parole so these children of in the united states and they can finish the process here. we're trying every way possible, using the system that does exist but trying to work effectively with the haitian government, with the orphanages who have these children, we all want to see these children moved out of the harm's way to the united states in some cases. there was a flight that landed this morning in pittsburgh. many of those children will stay in the united states. many move on to third countries, so we're energized and want to
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see those pictures we saw this morning with children safely in the united states or other countries getting the care and attention and love they need. >> on the right of the screen is the video of that arrival. thank you for your help yesterday. we worked with the davey family who adopted or was in the process of adopting two children jonathan met. it's a fair question, how is it the governor of pennsylvania can go in and bring people out. they want their kids out. what adoptive parent wouldn't. what do you say to the parents in final stages? what is the message for the daveys and others? >> i would think that the daveys, as with many other families around the united states, they should be overjoyed by the pictures we've seen. we're getting children from haiti to the united states.
3:24 pm
as i said yesterday and again today, i can't comment on any particular case but this is an example of where we are working effectively and leaning far forward. there's a legal process in our country as well as haiti. the haitian government has been very cooperative. they obviously want to see this process move forward as well. we were able to do that last night. governor rendell had a relationship with this orphanage and was able to work with us and dhs to put all of the ingredients together. if governor perry wants to do something similar with a group he's familiar with, we'll be happy to cooperate. we want to see this flow happen and have these kinds of pictures happen as often as we can. >> one quick question before you go back to work. some of these adoptions, they're approved by the united states but not by the haitian government. since there isn't much haitian
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government left, are they going to make special allowances? >> just as you saw in the case of the humanitarian parole where we are able to move some children still is in the process, we're going to work with the haitian government and, to be honest, they're being very cooperative, even as we know in many cases, ministries are flat on their back because of the destruction that's happened not only to society as a whole but the government. their leaders are working with us, they did so yesterday. we flew out 54 children to pittsburgh. we're looking to push as many of these opportunities forward as we can. >> pj crowley, assistant secretary of state for public affairs at the state department. thank you. >> all right, shep. >> shepard: continuing coverage of the earthquake coming up. next, one year since president obama took office. today a look at foreign policy, the successes and unfinished
3:26 pm
business, that's coming up.
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>> shepard: tomorrow will mark one year since president obama took office. this week we're breaking down the first year. today as focus, foreign policy. major garrett has the news litsch in the yard. >> good afternoon, haiti is a major focus for the white house. before that yemen, afghanistan and iraq. you can't summarize the year in one live shot but let's go to
3:29 pm
the consequential foreign policy and national security decision of the obama presidency, to send more troops to afghanistan. when he took office there were 34,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. there are now 70,000. there will be tens of thousands more later this year. in in addition to iraq and pakistan, all those nations present tremendous challenges to the white house in 2010. lee hamilton in the democratic party and early obama supporter. >> afghanistan is a long, tough slog. as i suggested, we're not through with iraq yet, afghanistan, tough, pakistan remains very, very difficult for us. so looking down the road in the year 2010, i see some very, very tough problems in front of us with a lot of hard choices. >> reporter: of course the president gave a well remembered
3:30 pm
speech in cairo to reach out to the muslim world saying he's take a receipt forically different approach and president bush and on afghanistan he believes the president is at least half right. >> i think that the decision to increase american and hopefully other nato forces is the correct decision. i think that his simultaneous announcement of his desire for an early commencement of withdrawal of american forces sent a very bad signal. >> reporter: of course the other big issue the white house will confront is 2010 is iran, pursuits of nuclear weapons. there's still hope for talks but the sanctions maybe the story in iran in 2010. >> shepard: thank you. the military is flying massive cargo planes into and out of the haiti packed with food and aid
3:31 pm
for hundreds of thousands of people in need. while they're bringing supplies in, they're getting people out. this is the scene from one flight which transported more than 180 people. the photographer onboard who shot this picture shares his story when he talks live with ut in 2 1/2 minutes. rs? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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in fact, we have not one but five specialized colleges, offering you bachelor's degree programs that... are both relevant and highly maetable. devry university. discover education working at >> shepard: military planes packed with aid and personnel dropping off their cargo in haiti and flying back to the u.s. with survivors. the pictures are striking.
3:34 pm
here you can see a massive c17 globe master packed with 186 people on the way to the united states. the planes are so big they could fit 21 hummers. they can land and take off on unpaved runways, important in haiti. all the passengers, american citizens or people with visas or family in the united states. a photographer with the seattle was onboard the flight. his name is josh and joins us now. thank you. >> hey. >> what was this mission like? >> it was -- it was a whirl win mission for me. i believe for the airmen that will continue this mission for the indefinite future, it's going to be a long, hard journey for them. i was only aboard around 36 hours, but you know, especially
3:35 pm
when the haitian evacees were onboard. >> shepard: what was the give and take? how were they suffering? >> they were desperate to get out of the country. my experience was limited to the airport. i did not go beyond -- >> shepard: you were on the plane with them, right? >> yes. >> i was talking about what was hang on the plain. we have eyes and ears on the ground. >> on the plane, the people were weary, very tired. there were a number of injuries. one gentleman, who was being cared for by his daughter, had to be taken off on a stretcher. you could just basically see the guy deteriorating during the flight to orlando, florida. the woman was separated from her young daughter as she was getting -- as she was boarding
3:36 pm
the plane and she was very, very upset by that, as anyone could understand. >> separation from a child. you bet. this plane landed at the sanford orlando airport, which is -- you can fly there commercially. i wonder what the scene was like on the ground and transfer from the plane. >> once we landed on the ground, the plane was immediately boarded by government officials, police officers, immigration officials. and it was -- it was rare rather organized, the people were orderly, walking off the plane and in a line. many of them brought bags and things with them. those were held back and were searched and had dogs going over them and such. >> shepard: sometimes on a military mission i walk away from the experience as a reporter and say i learned this. is there one of those things you
3:37 pm
learned that day? >> you know, i'm -- i try to be a very compassionate person and understanding person, and i'm -- i think for myself, i don't knowfy learned this, but i have a rough time with -- i had this bag of food, you know, right there in my backpack and understandably, the airmen aboard the plane told us we had to put away our food. we had people asking for food and water and i couldn't share it because they were afraid it would have started a riot. you can understand you have a couple of hundred rather desperate people in the back of this aircraft and you -- you -- >> shepard: tough times. >> very tough. >> shepard: we all understand, our hope and belief is they have what they need now. thank you for the insight. the pictures of great. >> i would like to say, i was
3:38 pm
very impressed by the -- drive the airmen had aboard that aircraft. they have a sense of mission and a direction and focus and i was very impress bid them. >> shepard: that's great and not surprise to go hear. the u.s. military never failed fails to impress. >> there are still u.s. citizens missing in haiti. some buried in the wreckage. some still need assistance. we'll talk to americans straight from the pentagon, that's coming up. h
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>> shepard: officials saying more americans may be trapped in a collapsed hotel called the montana. it's at the top of a hill. as it happens i've stayed from. western journalists and diplomats stay there all the time. very popular with americans and students and united nations officials. kathrine i'm told you just got off a call with the military in haiti. new information on this? >> we got off a call with the u.s. military and aid officials and the leads for the disaster assistance response teams say they have searched the hotel montana multiple times and rescued americans from the site on the hillside overlooking haiti. but i said it was his expectation that more americans may still be trapped inside the hotel. he did not indicate whether he believed they were still alive but it was significant he felt more americans may be in the
3:42 pm
hotel. >> shepard: the first c17 airdrop was described as a great success. is there another one planned? >> well, the pentagon had important questions, why is it the c17 airdrop yesterday, why aren't we seeing another one today? what we were told told is they have to identify a site first, this is done by the haitian government, not by the u.s. military. once a place of need is identified they have to preposition the military troops in the region so that when the food, medicine and water is dropped in what they describe as air delivery, they have a basic distribution network on the ground and they've got to secure that area to prevent any rioting for obvious reasons. >> shepard: so there's problems on the ground? >> they're characterizing the
3:43 pm
situation as fairly stable but are saying there are pockets of instability and they're fueled by lack of food and water and also the criminal element on the street. a top commander in haiti says because the prisons have been destroyed, the criminals are on the street, so you have a perfect storm of people's needs and criminal element. >> kathrine, thank you. continuing coverage of the ma massachusetts senate race, expert analysis and a look at how it might all shake out. that's next.
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>> shepard: a weather alert. winter storms battering the west coast of the united states. look at the map and see how widespreaded bad weather is. strong winds and rain, snow all over the place. in malibu, wow, the rain coming down so hard, you can see a lot of it. a lot of flooding. santa barbara are a county, the fear is rain can cause nasty mudslides in places they had the fires. just in, reports of a tornado warning. >> right this is for oxnard, including long beach and los angeles county, tornado warnings for the next half hour. we have a severe thunderstorm capable of producing rotation. so the national weather service has issued a tornado warning for the los angeles area as well as long beach. we had a tornado report
3:47 pm
yesterday around santa barbara so not out of the question with the cold pocket aair aloft. we have a potential for seeing not only heavy rain and/or snow but severe storms. i'll show you where we're dealing with the worst of the weather. into tomorrow, our future cast, the next wallop of rain, several inches with this storm. a lot of forecast models say we could get upwards of 20 inches of rain in the mountainsous regions and upwards much 10 feet of snow for thecy air r the precipitation the next 48 hours on top of in some cases 6 inches of rain they've seen in parts of northern, central and southern california. the snow accumulation as well across portions of the sierra in the four corners region. the tornado warning for the next several minutes in los angeles county. >> shepard: did you say ten feet
3:48 pm
of snow? >> yes. >> feet? >> absolutely. we've got 20 inches of rain in some cases for the mountains and higher elevations could see easily that amount of snow. >> shepard: good grieve. janice dean, thank you. >> a judge is refusing to toss out against the cbs producer. don't know what that means but the producer is accused of trying to blackmail david letterman. he tried to blackmail $2 million to kill a screenplay. his attorney argues it was a business deal, certainly not extortion. no different than tiger woods's mistresses looking for payments to stay quiet about their affairs. producer halderman faces 15 years in prison if convicted. >> a deal to end squabbling will be conan o'brien and nbc would be announced directly according to reports by the "wall street journal."
3:49 pm
it reports a $40 million or so deal would release conan from the contract and allow him to return to television within the year, likely september. conan joked about the deal last night. listen. >> it's been widely reported i can't say anything negative about the network. yeah, luckily they're not saying i can't sing anything negative about the network. [ cheers ] morons ♪ ♪ incompetent morons. >> it's hard to accept that soon i won't have a show but snooky and the situation will. >> snooky and the situation, c'mon. a rare serious moment. jay leno tried to explain saying it began five years ago. >> 2004 i'm in my office and a nbc executive says conan o'brien got offers from other networks
3:50 pm
and we won't want him to go so we're going to give him the "tonight show." i said i've been number one 12 years. they said we know that but you can't sustain that. don't blame conan o'brien. great guy. four months go by, we don't make it. meanwhile, conan o'brien's show was not doing well. the great hope is we would help him. we didn't help him so they come and say this show isn't working. we want to let you go. can i get out of the contract? no. how valuable can i be? he says nbc assured him conan was okay with the decision to moch the "tonight show" to midnight. he was not. when nbc offered leno the show, he said yes. if you go to conan on and have a twitter account, it redirects you to a connen on fox
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twitter page. twitter page. what does that mean? as far as i know, nothing. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit.
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>> shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters. in a little more than four hours the polls close in massachusetts. the democratic, martha coakley led for months, double digits. over the last few a weeks republican brown closed in and
3:54 pm
the race could go either way. lawmakers in both parties keeping a close eye because a republican win means a problem for democrats. the 60-seat super majority will be finished making it difficult for the democrats to push their agenda. with us, tom bevin. good to see you. >> hay, shep. >> when we used to talk about the super majority coming, the democrats said it was no big deal. not republicans are saying it's a big deal. which is it or could it be both? >> well, i think it is a big deal that it came and that it's going away. it turned out to be not much of a blessing for democrats. what we've seen is they've taken total control of the government and are responsible for that and we're seeing the backlash. it's a big deal and the fact it will go away will present a
3:55 pm
problem. >> democrats are trying to blame the candidate saying she didn't take is seriously and took time off. was this fair or is there more to it? >> i think she was not a very good candidate. any time you call curt schilling a yankee fan that's bad news. it was a bad candidate in a bad political environment for democrats and frankly a republican candidate who ran a very smart, populous, people focused campaign and that paid dividends for him in the end when the race got heated up. >> shepard: he didn't run with the right, did he? he didn't run with groups that come together to say we're angry with the government. how dead it? >> he didn't actually. he emphasized the moderate parts of his issues, his stance on gay rights, for example. what he did was laid the groundwork and said he's an independent voice and ran as the
3:56 pm
41st voice against the democratic agenda in washington and that excited not only conservative republicans but the independents in massachusetts. well over a third of the electra. >> shepard: were you surprised that -- the guy posed basically naked back in the day and conservatives don't like that. were you surprised that didn't matter here? >> not really, we're talking about massachusetts and the northeastern republican breed. this is a republican as it republicans around the country are looking at him not applying a litmus test to him as it running in a state like alabama but looking at him as in fact being someone who can be the 41st vote to stop the agenda. so even republicans who don't agree on issues are in favor of his candidacy. >> tom bevin, real clear great to see you. >> thank you. >> bret baier and his team are
3:57 pm
in boston for is special report. results at 8:00 eastern, as early as that when the polls close. of course the top story of the day, still in haiti. if you would like to learn more about how to help and about the plight of the people, go to our thanks to the men and women of fox who are there risks things to bring you the story and the work of the military. neil cavuto in two minutes. h
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